Arabic Brings Us Together - العَرَبِيَّةُ تَجْمَعُنا Arabic Brings Us Together – العَرَبِيَّةُ تَجْمَعُنا

Welcome to the series (Arabic brings us together), the Arabic curriculum for non-native speakers program.

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After the successful launch of the new curriculum by UAE ministry of education, here are the Winners of the teachers’ competition:

  • First Place Winner: Hanaa Suleiman

  • Second Place Winner: Ashraf Irshadi

  • Third Place Winner: Shaymaa Wajdi Kamal

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We have issued a new series (Arabic brings us together), the Arabic curriculum for non-native speakers by the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates.

The series is based on the ministry's vision to offer innovative learning for a knowledge-based, leading, global community.

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This curriculum aims to:

1- Introducing the richness and beauty of the Arabic language.

2 -Revival of the Arabic language in non-Arabic-speaking societies.

3- Facilitating the learning of the Arabic language on the learners and satisfying their desire for effective communication.

4. Providing a rich source of learning that meets expectations and needs of the learning environment.

5- Facilitate the task of teaching Arabic language to learners.

The philosophy of the curriculum is based on four main pillars:

First, international standards, based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

Second: Modernity and the adoption of contemporary methods in learning.

Third, interdependence based on the integration of levels.

Fourth, learner-centered learning.

Along with learning Arabic, the curriculum focuses on building the learner's personality, promoting and rooting good values and principles in parallel. What distinguishes the curriculum (Arabic brings us together) is:

- Introducing a simple and contemporary style without complication.

- The comprehensiveness of the themes that combine the past, the present and the future.

- Facilitating the teacher and student interaction to be based on a single book that includes texts and activities, instead of multiple books. In presenting student activities, the curriculum focuses on the levels of thinking based on the Bloom Pyramid, considering the 21st century skills development, such as:

- Activation of child-friendly songs that captures child attention and engagement, especially in the first levels.

- Learning by playing and cooperation, the learner will find in her or his book entertaining language games and diverse activities carried out through different strategies.

- Building the curriculum (Arabic brings us together) interactively, whether on paper or electronically, as it provides ideas for interactive activities using tablet applications that would encourage the learner to acquire new and different skills.

- The curriculum (Arabic brings us together) offers a variety of topics, local and global, focusing on the needs of learners at every stage, and considers the openness to the cultures of others and promotes the values of tolerance and acceptance of others.




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